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We focus on helping businesses of all sizes grow through the power of video and photo.


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A collection of some of our photo and video shoots

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We are Eagle Eye Media. Recently founded in the fall of 2020, during a global pandemic. Some people called us silly for starting during uncertain times, others praised us and said go make something great happen. It has been a wild ride so far. Stressful, fun, exciting, growing and learning every single day are just some of the emotions we are feeling. The best part, in our eyes, is this is just the very beginning.  


Eagle Eye Media has deeper roots than just a cool bird thrown into a logo. Our name was built with meaning. “Eagle” A golf term meaning two under par on one hole. Growing up playing and learning the game, our founder lives and breathes golf. We have a deep passion for helping golf courses create content that isn’t only engaging but drives real results to a club’s growth in membership and event bookings. “Eye” Our ability to tell stories and capture images in real time through the eye of our cameras and drones, as well as having the creativity to visualize something in our head and bring it to life. “Media” An endless industry. Anything that needs a camera to get the job done, we can do. Put those three words together and Eagle Eye Media has true meaning behind the brand we are building.  


What makes us different from other media agencies? The way we explain it is like this: We are not like any other media agency that charges ridiculous amounts of money for content, shoot what they think is best for your business, deliver content that doesn’t work for you and then to never be heard from again.


That is why we are unique. We are unique in the way that we listen and concentrate on what our clients actually want and are looking for. We want to make life easy for our clients. We strive to be as hands on as possible throughout the entire process. We value great communication, and respect our clients’ time and company. A great everlasting relationship with our clients is more important to us than a large check.  


So, what exactly do we do? Glad you asked! Anything that involves a camera we have the power to get the job done! From company videos, product photography, aerial photos of commercial buildings, real estate listing content, golf course drone tours, and everything in between. We can keep going on and on but we think you get the idea, we can do it all.  


At Eagle Eye Media we are a family. We aren’t your average people who come to work just to get a paycheck, do a mediocre job and then go home. We truly care about helping businesses solve their content problems and provide measurable value for our clients. We are extremely passionate about our work because we love what we do every day.


At the end of the day, at Eagle Eye Media, we are honest, we do business the right way and we are 100% transparent with all our clients. If this sounds like the team you have been looking for then reach out today to connect with us. We understand that if our clients grow, we grow with them.

Video Camera Lens


Reach out today to connect, we understand that if our clients grow, we grow with them.

P: 708.351.0954


We are honest and do business the right way!


We look forward to getting the conversation going!

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